What our pupils say

We think our adult lessons are second to none, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our pupils say …

“As an OAP I can assure you Swimtime is great. After only five lessons I can nearly keep up with my seven year old grandson. Not only that, it’s fun!”

“I have been trying to learn to swim since the age of five or six when my father used to take my sister and I to the local swimming pool. I was unsuccessful despite the fact that my father had certificates and medals for life saving!

“Later I went for lessons from primary school and then secondary school and was also unsuccessful.  When I was at college the swimming instructor there said that he could teach someone to swim in seven minutes, but as I had a “mental block”, as he put it, it would take him twelve. Weeks later I was still unsuccessful.

“Years later at the age of 62 I noticed an advert at the gym for one to one swimming lessons where the instructor came into the water with you and I decided to try one last time. This was when I met Elaine.

“My first words were ‘I don’t know why I’m here, I’ll never be able to swim.’ I had so many hang-ups and could only walk in the water holding on to the side of the pool or to Elaine’s hands.  Now at the age of 64 I swim almost every day and have recently completed ten lengths of the pool without stopping.

“This has only been possible because of the expertise and patience of Elaine. When dealing with people who have irrational fears or phobias she has no set formula for teaching swimming. Elaine has the ability to change her methods to suit the individual and tailors her lessons accordingly.

“I never thought I would be able to swim and now I love it.  Even though I am happy with my swimming as it is now I attend a group class to improve my technique and get a great deal of satisfaction at the continued improvements I am making. Apart from anything else – we have fun!”
Carol Scott 

Check out our video to hear from some of more of our adult pupils and teachers.


“I would like to comment on the standard of the swimming instruction given by Swimtime…

“I am extremely impressed with the level of tuition and the time and attention given to each child within the class.  It is a pleasure to see how Harry is improving after each session he attends.  Sam, the instructor is very professional and his approach with the children is second to none.  He gives the right amount of encouragement and demonstrates what he expects from them extremely well keeping them occupied the whole time he is with them.

“I am so pleased that Harry is taking lessons with your company. It is money well spent.”
Kate (Lancashire)