We've Listened: Introducing Swimtime Monthly

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make life easy for our Swimtime Family. When you told us you wanted to have more choice and control over how you pay for lessons, we listened and have made a change.

This month we’re introducing optional monthly reoccurring payments. Paying monthly is a great way to spread the cost of swimming lessons, particularly if you have more than one child learning on our programmes.

Swimtime Monthly gives you complete control of your monthly spend, making budgeting easier, and it’s really easy to sign up online.

How does Swimtime Monthly work?

When you sign up for an eligible swimming programme, you can now choose from two lesson payment plans:

1. Pay in Advance

2. Pay Monthly

The pay monthly price is lower than the pay upfront price. This is because we calculate payments based on a 12-month period. Our system works out how many lessons take place in a year, then divides that total by 12 to give the monthly payment. This means that the annual cost of paying monthly is also lower than paying upfront.

Complimentary goodies

Financial savings aren’t the only benefit of paying monthly. When you sign up for monthly payments, we’ll give your swimmer a complimentary Welcome Pack* that includes:

  • Top of the range pair of Junior Vorgee goggles.
  • Swimtime BPA-free water bottle
  • Quick-dry microfibre towel
  • Waterproof swim bag
  • Together worth £30

All the accessories your child needs to be kitted out for their swim class! If you register more than one child on a Pay Monthly Learn to Swim programme, they’ll each receive a Welcome Pack.

How do I sign up?

New to Swimtime? You can sign up through our lesson finder, selecting ‘Monthly’ when shown the payment methods.

If you’re already with us, log in to your Swimtime Account, if you have any eligible lessons there will be an alert at the top with a link to start the quick switch!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided answers to some questions you might have. If your question is not answered here, please take a look at the tutorials and Q&A on our Knowledge Base, or contact your local Swimtime Franchise.

Can I pay monthly on all swim programmes?

Pay monthly is currently only available for our Learn to Swim programme (4-11 year olds).

Is it a direct debit?

No, this is a monthly reoccurring payment. Think of it like a monthly subscription service that you can switch off at any time.

Can I choose what date the payment is taken?

You may choose the date you’d like payment to be taken when you register.

Can I change my mind once I’ve signed up to Swimtime Monthly?

Yes, you can change your payment settings at any time by logging on to your Swimtime account. If you decide to cancel, you must give us 30 days’ notice.

Is it mandatory to switch to monthly payments?

This depends on your local office, but it is expected to become mandatory in 2021.

When do I have to switch?

You may switch to Pay Monthly at any time. To do this just log in to your Swimtime account if any of your classes are eligible for monthly, you’ll see a button at the top of the screen to start your switch.

*Complimentary Welcome Pack is only available to swimmers age 4-11.

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