Our Swimmers Save Lives!

To mark Make a Difference Day, we thought we’d share the stories of two of our swimmers with you. Both have made water rescues this summer, putting what they have learnt from their time at Swimtime into practice, and we couldn’t be prouder of them, but also to have the opportunity to see the training and skills our teachers instil into our students, put into practice safely and effectively.

Daisy’s Story

First, we have Daisy (pictured), aged 7, currently in our Improver 2 class.

During a recent holiday to Spain, Daisy rescued a little girl from drowning. The incident occurred when the girl jumped into the pool without her parents knowing. Daisy quickly identified that the girl was unable to swim and wasn’t wearing any armbands. Using her water rescue training, Daisy was able to quickly jump into the pool and save the little girl from drowning.


All of us are incredibly proud of what Daisy and the actions she took. Especially her swimming teacher Rob who taught her the skills and safety precautions to take when making a rescue.

Jessica’s Story

Jessica, aged 9, has been swimming with Swimtime for over 3 years and currently taking Improver 1 classes.

Whilst on holiday this summer, Jessica noticed her younger cousin had fallen into the deep end of the pool and was unable to swim. She calmly swam over to him brought him back to the surface and kept his head above water until those on the edge of the pool could lift him out. Jessica’s parents and teachers are immensely proud of the actions she took.

Jessica, unlike Daisy, hadn’t undertaken a life-saving course. However, many of our teachers incorporate life-saving skills in regular lessons involving; using poolside equipment to save someone, what it means to be a lifeguard, how to react fast and how to be vocal and clear.

Since the incident, Jessica’s cousin, aged 4, has now signed up for swimming lessons with Swimtime. Now knowing how crucial water safety skills are.


Once more we’d like to express our pride in Daisy and Jessica. Safely performing life-saving acts that will never be forgotten by those involved.
All of us at Swimtime believe, we are making a difference, and I’m sure through these stories and your own experiences, you can see that too.