Swimtime launches contactless venue access

In direct response to the challenge of COVID 19, Swimtime, one of the UK’s largest swim schools, has launched an automated access system called MyPass.

MyPass uses advanced automation, to allow entry of students and parents to a venue just 15 minutes before each lesson. This helps minimise the chance of congestion and the risk of social distancing measures being breached.

A phone screenshot showing a list of swimmers who can attend a class
Swimtime customers will see a list of their swimmers

The system works in real time, referencing the exact sessions each child is registered in and contains a number of cutting-edge security features that operates on any mobile device without the need to download an app.

The design of the system allows venue staff to clearly review the pass. It is visible from a safe distance without any need for either party to come close than 2 metres.

At the end of the lesson, MyPass automatically revokes allowing staff to know straight away if individuals should be present in a venue or not.

Rachel Brooks, Operations Director of Swimtime said: “Like many businesses, COVID 19 has presented a real challenge for our network of family run businesses. The joy of being a Swimtime franchisee is we can challenge our partners to innovate with us to support our network get back on their feet quickly and safely. MyPass is a great example of the benefits we can deliver.”

A photo of Swimtime Mypass - two phones one showing green to allow entry and one showing red which forbids entry
MyPass in action.

MyPass is part of a vast array of features that come out of the box with FranScape, the multi award winning software partner of Swimtime.

For more information on FranScape please go to www.franscape.io