Swimtime Learn to Swim Programme Secures International Endorsement

The innovative Swimtime Learn to Swim awards scheme, is now officially endorsed by the International Swim School Association (ISSA).

ISSA represents swim schools from the Americas, Australasia as well as Europe promoting best practice. ISSA aims to raise aquatic standards and produce safer, lifelong swimmers with the aim of reducing global drownings. 

Joan O’ Sullivan, Swimtime Group Qualifications Manager said, “We are incredibly proud to receive this highly converted international endorsement that shows the Swimtime family is leading the field globally in our important mission to teach more children to Swim.

We are delighted ISSA has recognised our approach and we look forward to collaborating with the industry to raise standards globally.”

The Swimtime Learn to Swim programme is currently the only scheme in the world to be endorsed by this international body.

Ross Gage, Executive Director of ISSA, commented,                                 

“We have reviewed the programme’s educational content, structure and strategy towards child engagement. We have concluded this scheme is an effective, innovative and highly engaging way to encourage children to embark and remain invested in their aquatic learning journey, something that is vitally important for the future.

As a result, ISSA is delighted to endorse the Swimtime Learn to Swim Programme as an effective means to encourage children to swim.”

The Swimtime team worked tirelessly to create such a unique and innovative new approach to swim teaching and standards and is just the beginning of a raft of new and exciting initiatives that will be released over the coming months.

For more information on ISSA, visit the ISSA website.