Time to get back in the swim of things after lockdown

There were so many disruptions caused by the pandemic that some of the most important things children missed out on during the long periods of lockdown are in danger of slipping under the radar. Like their swimming lessons, for example.

We know there’s so much to think about right now but it’s important for many reasons (we’ll get to those a little later) that you get those lessons back on the agenda as soon as possible. Even though there is no right or wrong age to start learning to swim, it usually works out the earlier the better from both yours and your child’s point of view. 

Child swimming

Learning is lots of fun

For you, it gets this all-important task out of the way and gives you one less thing on your ‘to do’ list. (Sorry, we can’t help with any of the umpteen other things!) 

For children, it’s about staying safe, making friends and enjoying themselves. Learning for toddlers is fun, not a chore, and it’s all about giving them a love of the water and taking away the fear that can make older children shy away from taking the plunge.

So, the fact that Covid put everything on hold won’t have helped matters but, as long as you get on to it sooner rather than later, you’ll be able to get things back on track in no time. 

The reason it’s important to be able to swim is that this is one of the few life skills that could actually save your child’s life. Whether it’s the hidden dangers of open water or identifying safe points of exit from a river or a lake, we always ensure children leave our courses with a well-rounded understanding of how to enjoy the water safely. 

And, depending on how proficient your child becomes in the water, it could even lead to them saving someone else’s life.

How your child will benefit from swim lessons

Bearing in mind it may have been a while now, we should also remind you of some of the other benefits for kids of learning to swim. For a start, it gets them away from the dreaded screens and doing something healthy that is proven to reduce anxiety and stress. 

Our group lessons bring children together in small groups of up to eight, which helps to develop their social skills and begin lasting friendships. It’s fun too!

But, as with everything in life, not all swimming lessons are equal, and you will naturally be looking for the best possible learning experience for your child. 

Expert, small and friendly

Swimtime is the largest independent swim school in the UK. We teach tens of thousands of people to swim every week across hundreds of pools, through a network of small, friendly family-run businesses.

All our teachers are qualified to internationally recognised standards with a Level 2 qualification from a recognised body such as Swim England or STA. Above all, our teachers are hand-picked and trained by us to ensure our students receive a safe, fun and rewarding time.

So, if you’d like to find the nearest Swimtime lessons to you, click through to our easy-to-use Lesson Finder and we’ll get things organised for you straight away.