What does Water Safety mean to Swimtime?

What is Water Safety?

Water Safety is the procedures and precautions associated with safety in and round bodies of water taught by Swimtime from an early age.

Safety with Swimtime

Swimtime teach children the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water. Children can take swimming lessons from the age of four years, but swimming programs are available for younger children and babies. The emphasis is on building confidence and encouraging the child to enjoy water. Water safety skills make up part of the tuition.  

Swimtime believe that teaching water safety from a young age is so important because it is key for children to understand the dangers of the water and how to behave in the water. We believe swimming is a non-negotiable life skill that parents should look to acquire for their children as soon as possible. Whilst a range of extra-curricular skills are important for children to develop as rounded individuals, none are quite as vital and fundamental as learning to swim. Swimming has always been a great recreational activity and in order for children to enjoy the environment they must feel safe.
Water may look safe, but it can be dangerous. Teaching children how to spot and avoid danger in the water remains a priority. Swimtime not only teach children the water safety code for a warm indoor pool but provide the children with life skills to stay away from danger when swimming in cold waters.

Learning more about Water Safety

An event will take place on Friday 23rdAugust at Explore Learning in Northampton for members. You can participate in various activities and learn about beach, pool and river safety. This event will be run by Fiona Marshall, our new franchise for Swimtime Home Counties.