A great place to work? Don’t just take our word for that

Explore what others have to say about working for Swimtime.

We pride ourselves on being a great company to work for. We recognise the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality. We offer flexible working hours to suit different ages and lifestyles and we treat all our talented swim teachers with the respect they deserve.

But we would say that, wouldn’t we?

For a more objective opinion, you need to hear from the people who actually work with us. Nobody knows our strengths and weaknesses better than they do, and here are the views of three of the teachers who know Swimtime inside-out.

Flexible working hours

Doug’s involvement with Swimtime began in 2010 when he was made redundant from the accountancy practice that he had been with for over fourteen years.

“A change of direction was required. Swimtime are a fantastic organisation to work with and the team have been incredibly supportive over the years. What I have found particularly rewarding is the flexibility of the Swimtime system which has allowed me to mentor the progress of so many swimmers, starting from scratch, who have gone on to compete at club level. Watching them progress through each stage of their pathway up to regional success has been a true privilege.” 


Julie has another opinion to share: “In my opinion Swimtime has to be the best company I have ever taught for, with fantastic training and development opportunities, cutting-edge technology for keeping track of swimmer progress and attendance, a vast network of people to call on for support and guidance and not to mention all of my amazing swimmers and parents!”

Cutting-edge technology

We’re pleased Julie mentioned our “cutting-edge technology” as we believe that’s something that really sets us apart. Using the multi award-winning FranScape platform, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an all-round customer experience that includes easy booking and payment. It also helps our teachers stay in control with all the information they need at their fingertips 24/7.

Joel is one of those teachers who fully utilises the opportunity to take advantage of flexible working hours, combining his role at Swimtime with a full-time job: “Swim teaching has always been and continues to be a big passion of mine. Seeing swimmers reach their full potential and progress week on week has seen me continue to teach after finishing uni and landing a full-time job as a Software Developer.”

Raising standards in customer care

As we couldn’t sum things up any better ourselves, we’d like to leave the final words with Joel: “As an award-winning company, Swimtime is always set on raising standards in customer care through valuing and acting on customer feedback and investing in further developing its staff. We, all of the Swimming teachers, are regularly invited to CPD sessions to improve our skills and service.”

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a teacher with the largest independent swim school in the UK, give our friendly team a call on 0161 240 3501 and they’ll be delighted to answer all your questions.

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