Children sitting on side of pool kicking their legsChildren sitting on side of pool kicking their legsChildren sitting on side of pool kicking their legs

Become a Swimtime Venue

If you are a pool owner, you can rest assured that Swimtime have created a business model which can maximise the income potential from your swimming pool.

Empty swimming pool
An example Swimtime Venue

Income Opportunities

The amount of income you could earn can vary enormously but as the venue owner, you are in control. From just a few hours a week, to day in and day out pool use, the beauty of working with Swimtime is we fit around you.

Earnings with some of our larger partner venues is regularly in excess of £50,000 per year, per pool.

How we work

Our most successful sites see us as partners. 

We work together to develop each others businesses. For example we may offer Swimtime customers discounts which can often see Gym or Cafe income increase whilst lessons are taking place. This on top of the income we generate for pool use.

The great news is, we have over 20 years experience and we use this to take care of every detail. Central to our success is our cutting edge, multi award winning technology, an example of which is below.

All we ask is that the pool water is kept to a high standard being tested regularly in line with National Standards. 

Swimtime does the rest, including:

  • Booking Process
  • Lesson Management
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Health and Safety
  • Insurance

The venue simply receives an electronic payment each month.

Multiple company logo's
Some of our Swimtime venue partners

Why Swimtime?

Swimtime is the preferred partner of choice. We offer:

  • 20 years experience
  • A network of local franchisees with community links benefitting from the support of an established international brand
  • Multi - award winning technology driving a leading Customer Experience
  • Experienced and highly trained teachers supported by Swimtime's own, in house training academy
  • Support from a dedicated Central Office team helping with marketing, legal and operational aspects of lessons

Interested in finding out more?

We are always looking for new pools to develop with, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.