Building children’s confidence is hugely rewarding

Becoming a swimming teacher means you can look forward to an active and challenging role with great chances of part-time work.

Becoming a swimming teacher means you can look forward to an active and challenging role with great chances of part-time work. Right now, post lockdown, there is a national shortage of qualified Swim Teachers.

As Swimtime continues to expand offering more lessons at more venues, we are always on the lookout for new people to join our amazing team.

The hours are very flexible, and the career suits all ages and experience.  If you are a student, it can also one of the best jobs you can have, suiting your timetable and improving your public speaking skills.

Children listening to Swimming Instructor

Don’t just take it from us, hear what our Swimtime teachers have to say:

Working hours can be flexible with swimming teaching jobs. You can easily diversify your skills to take on school swimming and adult and baby sessions while your kids are at school.

Most swimming lessons during the week take place between 3 and 7 pm while adult swimming lessons can be later and baby lessons in the morning.

The best thing about swimming teaching is putting a smile on children’s faces week in, week out


The most popular response for swimming teachers, when asked what they love most about the role, is the satisfaction of building a young swimmer’s confidence in the water.

It’s a hugely rewarding experience and one which often sticks with people for the rest of their life.

I have found it can be an amazing way of giving children self-belief, confidence to try new things and show children that sport can be fun


To be able to teach swimming is not only fun for all of us but giving children & adults that essential life skill is a very rewarding feeling

Instructor and children resting on side of swimming pool

Every day is different

Teaching swimming is about as far from the monotony of a 9-5 office job as you can get. Every swimmer’s journey is different, and you are faced with new challenges every day.  The role is not boring, teachers often say they are continually learning and trying something new, constantly thinking of new ways to get the best out of the classes taught.

You can also diversify your skills to teach different sessions, ages and abilities.

In the 6 years since qualifying as a swimming teacher, I have taught baby swimming, children with additional needs, adult swimming, and more.  I have also qualified as an Aquatic Tutor and am a Franchisee operating 3 territories.


Other benefits of teaching with Swimtime include:

  • Contributing to a healthier community
  • Rewards of teaching a life skill
  • Be part of a great team
  • Be part of a progressive brand
  • Opportunities for personal development
  • Expand your social circle!

So what do you need to be a swimming teacher?

You can qualify as a swimming teacher by doing Level 1 assistant and Level 2 teaching qualifications awarded by Swim England and Scottish Swimming or the Swimming Teachers' Association (STA) level 2 Award & Certificate. These qualifications will allow you to teach non-swimmers, improvers, intermediate and people looking to learn advanced swimming skills.  You can find details of upcoming courses here

Minimum qualifications

The first qualification you will need is the Swim England Level 1 Assistant Teachers Certificate, you will be qualified to support a more senior qualified Level 2 or licensed teacher/coach at any level in a pre-prepared session. To work on you must be the holder of a Level 2 ASA Certificate or level 2 Award or Certificate from the STA.

Associated costs

Typically, initial qualifications cost around £450 +, funding assistance can be provided (subject to criteria)

How long does it take to be a swimming instructor?

You can complete a swim teacher course in around 5 days to 3 months, and you will then have an industry recognised qualification.  Train with Swimtime and you will be interviewed for available work before you qualify.  Once qualified it is possible to be offered teaching hours immediately (subject to availability)

Becoming a swimming teacher: pay

Rates of pay vary across the country.  As a guide, a newly qualified Swim Teacher teaching for Swimtime can expect a minimum of £15 per hour up to £25 per hour (subject to experience and location)

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