Swimming lessons, why are they important?

Learning to swim: one of the few skills that could literally save your life

Learning to swim: one of the few skills that could literally save your life

Here at Swimtime, a question we get asked by parents is why is learning to swim so important?

Child resting on side of pool
Learning to Swim is so much more than the skill

Whilst some of the answer may be obvious, there are a whole host of benefits to consider.

Learning to Swim could save your life

Ok you got us. This one is hopefully fairly obvious on the surface, but did you know being able to Swim is not the only point of lessons? 

At Swimtime whilst we do focus on the skill of swimming, we also also teach water safety, so children not only know how to swim but where it is safe to do so.

For instance, our advanced Barracuda lessons include rescue techniques that we believe everyone should know.

Swimtime CPR practice
Our specially trained teachers are taught a wide range of emergency skills

Whether it is hidden dangers of open water or identifying safe points of exit from a body of water, we ensure students leave us with a well rounded understanding of how to enjoy the water safely. 

They could help you save someone else’s life

According to the World Health Organisation, drowning is the 3rd highest cause of unintentional death.

WHO logo
The WHO seeing drowning as a major global issue

It is therefore important we teach students not just how to swim but basic rescue skills.

At Swimtime, our more advanced lessons include these core techniques that can genuinely make the different as to whether someone survives. We are proud to say some of our students have put these skills into action, saving lives in the real world. 

Health benefits

Swimming is a healthy pastime. Being in the water is non load bearing and reduces pressure on muscles and joints. Not only this, did you know water is proven to reduce stress? A Swim England study identified a wide range of mental health benefits to swimming, including the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Picture of underwater swimming woman
The benefits of swimming are wide ranging say Swim England

Mental health benefits

The most popular form of Swimtime swimming lessons are our Group lessons. These are typically in class sizes of less than 8 students. This allows swimmers to interact with one another, building social skills and forging friendships. 

Children sitting on edge of pool
Lessons allow students to meet new friends

It helps society

In the US along, the WHO estimate drowning costs society $273 million a year in direct and indirect costs. Education is a cost-effective way of reducing this burden on society. Here in the UK, a recent Swim England report put the cost saving to the NHS of swimming at £357m per year, as regular swimming play such a key role in keeping everyone healthy. 

A new Swim England report suggests that swimming saves the NHS more than £357m each year.Length: 3:40


Finally, swimming lessons are just brilliant fun! Don’t believe us? Why not check our some of the reviews our customers leave.

At Swimtime we have developed our exciting Award Scheme to help encourage students to remain engaged as they develop their swimming skills. This scheme is endorsed by the International Swim Schools Association, containing bite sized steps they can achieve as they develop.

Pufferfish cartoon character
Palmoa the Puffer Fish, one of the characters our students will meet on their Swimtime Journey

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