Child swimming to swimming instructor
Child swimming to swimming instructor
Child swimming to swimming instructor

Why becoming a swim teacher with us can lead to big things

Find out why becoming a swim teacher at Swimtime comes with fantastic benefits and opportunities.

We should start by emphasising that being a swimming teacher is a fantastic job in its own right. Particularly if you’re working for Swimtime, as we will go on to explain in a little more detail within this blog.

However, it’s a fact that there are many cases of ambitious individuals who have joined us as swim teachers and then gone on to senior coordinating roles or even become Swimtime franchise holders.

Multiple success stories

Take Heather, for example. She joined us as a swim teacher and, after five years, took on an administrative role for her franchise area office. Soon afterwards she had the opportunity to become a franchise holder in the West Midlands, which she took with both hands.

Terri is another ex-Swimtime swimming teacher who’s making waves running her own business. She became a franchisee in the Surrey area at the age of just 22 and now, three years later, she’s already running two further territories, Swimtime Yorkshire and Swimtime East Yorkshire. What’s more, she was also nominated as a finalist in the ‘Next Generation Franchise Award’ category at the British Franchise Awards 2021.

Two more of our swim teachers have also gone on to run their own successful businesses as Swimtime Franchise holders.

Saving lives

There are other success stories that have nothing to do with business achievements. Rik was out canoeing on the River Mersey when he noticed a swimmer in distress. Without really thinking about it, he jumped straight in and performed a life-saving rescue while fighting the strong current. Rik was able to call on his experience and training as a Swimtime swim teacher, explaining, “It’s why we do what we do.”

So, what is it that makes Swimtime swim teachers that little bit different? It could have something to do with the support we provide for them throughout their journey with us.

Our teachers are trained to the highest standard by our internal team who are highly experienced and play an active part in developing internationally recognised standards.

Range of benefits

We offer teachers a great support network, above-average pay, troubleshooting support whenever they have a problem and a dedicated training academy that delivers best practice and continuous professional development.

We provide all our teachers with access to a document store so they can stay up to date on changes in legislation and standards.

We also give them the variety needed to keep life interesting. Teaching swimming is a perfect solution for those who aren’t cut out for a run-of-the-mill office job where you end up doing the same thing day in day out... At the poolside, you face as many different challenges as there are people, and you are constantly having to think of new ways to get the best out of classes.

Teacher opinions

Of course, we would say how good our company is to teach for, but the objective words of our teachers will no doubt carry more weight for you.

The technology that Julie mentions is one of the biggest points of difference between Swimtime and our competitors. Having adopted the multi-award-winning FranScape platform, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an all-round customer experience that includes easy booking and payment. It also helps our teachers stay in control with all the information they need at their fingertips 24/7.

In my opinion, Swimtime has to be the best company I have ever taught for, with fantastic training and development opportunities, cutting-edge technology for keeping track of swimmer progress and attendance, a vast network of people to call on for support and guidance - and not to mention all of my amazing swimmers and parents!


Flexible hours

Phil is a teacher who appreciates the flexible working hours. He combines his role at Swimtime with a full-time job: “Swim teaching has always been and continues to be a big passion of mine. Seeing swimmers reach their full potential and progress week on week has seen me continue to teach after finishing uni and landing a full-time job.”

A swim teaching role is also a great way for parents to earn some extra money while the kids are at school.

Great job satisfaction

There are many different reasons why people become swim teachers at Swimtime, but the personal satisfaction they receive seems common to all. There are few things better in life than building up the confidence of a young swimmer in the water. It’s a hugely rewarding experience and one which often sticks with people for the rest of their life.

If you’re interested in finding out how a job with Swimtime could work for you, then you can find out more here.

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