Why swimming lessons make the perfect Christmas gift

Here are 12 reasons, one for every day of Christmas, that explains why Santa would recommend giving swimming lessons to a child this festive season.

1. A gift that lasts a lifetime

The toy you gave last year might well not have made it through to the New Year. If you’re looking for a present that’s going to last, it’s hard to beat swimming lessons. As well as the fun involved in the classes and the sense of confidence that comes from being able to swim with friends, you’re also enabling a child to stay safe around water for the rest of their lives. It’s going to be hard to find any other present that’s going to last as long as that!

2. Swimming is good for physical health

During the festive season, as we unwind and attempt to squeeze in as many Christmas movies as possible, motivating the children to participate in activities such as swimming lessons can provide a refreshing break from the indoors, encouraging them to get out of the house and do something more active. Swimming is great cardiovascular exercise and helps with both heart and lung health. Those weekly sessions in the pool will help build up their muscles and increase their powers of endurance.

3. Swimming is good for the brain too

Did you know that kids who are having swimming lessons can actually perform better in school as a result? This might seem like a grand claim to make but there’s a recent academic study by UCL that strongly supports it. Children in swimming lessons score higher on average in subjects such as Maths.

How come? The study suggests that the sense of achievement that comes from learning to swim in the pool is reflected by an appetite for success in the classroom, which translates to improved performance and higher marks.

4. Help build confidence

The great thing about learning to swim, as opposed to most of the other classes they do, is that progress is quick and easy to see, almost week-by-week. This sense of 

achievement builds until the lessons are over and, a bit like riding a bike, a child can enjoy the confidence of learning a new skill and showing it off to their friends at the earliest opportunity.

5. Quality time for the family

In recent years, gifting experiences rather than material goods has become a growing trend. This centres around a desire to build treasured memories. Swimming lessons are one of those fun activities that help to connect children, parents and possibly grandparents too. It’s all about spending time together and hearing about all the best bits in the car on the way home. It also lets your child see that you’re there for them, watching them accomplish something worthwhile, and sharing pride in their achievement.

6. Routines are good for kids

There’s so much pressure on children these days and a bit of stability in their lives can help them feel secure and enable them to flourish. Much of that comes from a regular routine. Weekly swimming lessons in a warm and welcoming setting give them something constant in their schedule that they can look forward to.

7. An opportunity to meet new friends

Swimming classes bring children together in a fun and challenging environment that helps build friendships. It’s good to have the opportunity to establish positive relationships outside of school, particularly for children who might be struggling to fit in. Our swim classes typically have around 6 children per group, which brings them together, amidst lots of fun and laughter, making it easier to develop new friendships.

During swimming lessons, mixing with the instructor and the other children in the class helps develop the social skills that every child needs to have to make friends and thrive. Your child will learn the importance of how to behave around other kids and respect the personal space of others, making it easier to establish friendships at school.

8. Parents can make new friends too!

The school gate can be a hectic place with lots of frenzied activity as cars come and go, and children rush in (not so much!) and out of the building. That can make it hard to build relationships with other parents. The pace of everything around the pool is different. You’re there watching your child, along with the other parents, over a number of weeks, and this naturally brings you together with those in a similar situation to you.

9. Make more of the summer holidays

There’s nothing better for kids than jumping into the pool or running headlong into the sea as soon as the suitcases have been dropped off in the hotel room. Being able to swim gives children the confidence and skills that they need when around water. This makes it easier for everyone to enjoy themselves and make the most of all that lovely sunshine.

10. January is the perfect time to get started

Talking of getting ready for those summer hols, now is the ideal time to get things started. ‘How long does it take for a child to learn how to swim’ is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Children learn at different speeds, with some adapting to life in the water much faster than others. But get started in January and you can expect to see some good results by the time you go away in July or August.

11. The chance to develop a lifelong passion

To some learning to swim is all about having fun and acquiring a skill that will be useful for the rest of their lives. To others, it becomes a passion that they enjoy on a weekly, and sometimes even daily, basis. Many children compete for their schools clubs and counties in the pool, and swimming becomes their ‘chosen sport’ during their childhood and even adult years. Maybe your child is one of those who will take to swimming like a duck to water!

12. Lighten Santa’s load

Christmas is a time for thinking of others, and poor old Santa isn’t getting any younger. One less toy in the back of his sleigh this year will be good news for him and his weary reindeer! So, give him a break and get some swimming lessons which you’ll be able to put under the Christmas tree for him.


All that’s left is for everyone at Swimtime to wish you and your family the very best over this festive season!

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