Become a Swimming Teacher

Become a Swimming Teacher with Swimtime

At Swimtime, a core value of ours is supporting and developing each other. This is especially true when it comes to our teachers.

Our teachers are trained to the highest standard, by trainers who are highly experienced from years in the industry and up to date with modern teaching methods and policies.

If joining Swimtime is of interest to you, drop us a message at

How to become a swimming teacher with Swimtime?

We have multiple options to help you become a Swimtime swimming teacher, as easily as possible, from any starting point.

Option 1 – We’ll fund your training!

Starting from scratch? We’ll offer to fund your level 2 qualification in swimming teaching. Once completed and you begin teaching, we shall recoup the money over a period whilst you’re earning, by offering you a reduced rate. Once the qualification fee has been recouped your hourly rate will automatically be increased in line with other Swimtime swimming teachers in your area.

As an example, a qualified teacher (Level 2) that can teach all levels, can expect to earn up to £15-20 per hour on a self-employed basis. Typically, we would recover the cost of the course by reducing this rate by £5 per hour.

The training is flexible, it can be completed in an intensive course or split over multiple weekends. At the end of the course, you’ll have achieved a Level 2 nationally recognised teaching qualification.

Alternatively, you can fund the qualification yourself, so you can start off with a full rate of pay.

Option 2 – Level 1 already?

If you are already qualified to Level 1 Certificate in Swimming Teaching, training is available to achieve your Level 2 Certificate allowing you to teach swimming lessons as an instructor instead of an assistant. We’ll also need to check your DBS and have a short interview to see what experience you’ve had.

Option 3 – Qualified already?

Already have all the necessary qualifications? A swimming teacher looking to join Swimtime? Click Here for more info and how to get started!


If joining Swimtime is of interest to you, drop us a message at