Children’s Lessons

We love swimming and we love to teach children to swim. It’s so rewarding for them to achieve this important life skill, but more than anything, at Swimtime, they have great fun while they are learning. We offer:

  • Children’s groups (for children aged from 4 to 11)
  • One2ones (for children aged 0 to 16)

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Children's Groups

Our children’s group lessons are designed for children aged between 4 and 11. Classes are arranged according to your child’s experience of swimming and being in the water. To give you an idea, here’s a list of the criteria for our classes:


  • Happy to get in the water.
  • Can float independently wearing armbands.

Advanced Beginner

  • Confident in the water without armbands.
  • Can swim about 5 metres on their front and their back.


  • Able to swim at least 25m on their front and back, using a recognised swimming stroke.


  • Can swim 400m and demonstrate three strokes with the correct breathing.
  • In this class they will work on Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Pupils will develop survival and rescue skills, good stroke technique, speed, and stamina.

Master Class

  • Ideal for pupils who want to continue a progressive fitness programme without the pressure of a competitive environment.
  • Survival and rescue skills, advanced swimming skills, and the option of either water polo or synchronised swimming.

It is important that your child is placed in the correct group. We recommend that you get some advice from your local Swimtime representative before booking your child’s next class.

One-2-Ones (0-16)

There are times when you feel your child needs just a bit of extra attention: they may be nervous about getting into the pool, require some additional teaching on a particular stroke or skill, or would like some advanced coaching to improve their personal best. And then there are those children who just respond better to private teaching. We also offer one2ones for children with special needs.

The beauty of a Swimtime one2one lesson is that you can choose what you would like your child to learn, you can make the sessions fit in with your busy schedule, and you can book as many lessons as you like. You can even choose which teacher you would like to work with.

What the Parents Say

“I am extremely impressed with the level of tuition and the time and attention given to each child within the class. It is a pleasure to see how Harry is improving after each session he attends. Sam, the instructor, is very professional and his approach with the children is second to none. He gives the right amount of encouragement and demonstrates what he expects from them extremely well keeping them occupied the whole time he is with them. I am so pleased that Harry is taking lessons with your company. It is money well spent.” Kate (Lancashire)

“My son had an incident on holiday and was petrified of water. After just four lessons with Jonathan I am amazed how far he’s come. He has made incredible progress in such a short space of time due to the way in which the lessons have been carried out”. ” Jenna (Ewloe, North Wales)

“I would recommend Swimtime to any parent looking for excellent quality, value for money lessons for their children. Not to mention the competent, skilled staff whom my daughter adores.” Charlotte, Swimtime mum