Ethan Electric EelLearning Outcomes - Stage 1

Swimming Lessons for children aged 4+

Ethan Electric Eel

Swimtimes Eel stage 1 swimming for children. Learn about the steps they will take in this course!

  1. 1

    Intro – Aquatic Environment

    Know how to prepare through warm up for physical activity.

  2. 2

    Safe Entry / Exits

    Be able to demonstrate independent entries and exits

  3. 3

    Water Confidence Practices – Breathing, Blowing Bubbles

    Be able to demonstrate independent confidence building techniques/ skills.

  4. 4

    Movement – Various methods (Spatial Awareness)

    Understand spatial awareness for movement on front and back in an Aquatic Environment.

  5. 5

    Push & Glide

    Be able to push and glide on a front and back position.

  6. 6

    Floating – Regain to Feet

    Know how to regain ones feet to a standing position from a floating position.

  7. 7


    Be able to use movement & rotation strategies in an aquatic environment.

  8. 8

    Introduction to Propulsion using Leg and Arm Practices

    Understand Propulsion – movement skills of arm and leg action on your back to propel backwards.

  9. 9

    Introduction to Treading Water

    Understand treading water and how it is used in an aquatic environment.

  10. 10

    Equipment Use

    Be able to demonstrate the use of equipment.

  11. 11

    Water Safety

    Understand environment education & water safety in the aquatic learning environment.