Swimming Lessons for 0-2 yearsTabitha & Terry Turtles

Three stages of learning

Tabitha & Terry Turtles

Learning to Swim for babies and toddlers age 0-2 years old

Swimming with Tabitha & Terry Turtle

Tabitha and Terry guide our Baby Swimtime swimmers (0-3yrs) through a fantastic 4 stage programme that takes our Baby Swimtime from birth with parental support through to our Swimtots programme.

This programme is not only about ensuring the infant has the confidence in and around the water it also enables the adult to develop and learn new developmental bonding skills with their children.

Did you know? – Turtles have great night vision and their favourite foods are fruit, snails, algae and plants.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3