Thank you for the heart warming feedback!

It’s official, over 95% of Swimtime customers are Happy!

A recent survey focused on Swimtime Teachers, and the feedback has been nothing short of staggering!  Over 95% of customers are Happy with Swimtime Teachers and many customers provided specific detail on what makes the Swimtime experience so special.  Swimtime have taken this feedback onboard and are planning to share some of the specifics later this month at their online Teacher Conference. 

Over the years Swimtime has evolved and so has the expectations of their customers.  To ensure Swimtime are on track to continually improve, from time to time they send their customers short surveys, seeking their feedback on aspects of the Swimtime experience.

Swimtime want to thank their customers for taking the time to complete the survey and for providing such valuable, positive feedback. It really helps in these uncertain and ever changing times.