Chlorine kills COVID

Imperial College London have discovered that the chlorine in Swimming Pool water inactivates COVID in just 30 seconds.

According to a recent study by Imperial College London, supported by Swim England, the Royal Life Saving Society and fellow baby swim school, Water Babies; swimming pool water inactivates COVID in just 30 seconds.

This means swimming and learn to swim lessons are both low risk activities.

Overhead view of swimmer
Here at Swimtime we cannot wait to be pack in the pool!

As you can imagine, things will be a little different for a lot of our lessons and this varies from venue to venue. This is mainly because some pools have to limit capacity due to Government Guidance. For more information on these changes please see here

As a socially responsible Swim school we are following Swim England guidance and as a result for the time being, we cannot teach in the water unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Returning to the PoolSwimtime have developed a contactless entry system for gaining access to venues, alongside additional social distancing measuresLength: 1:22

This video will help you and your swimmer understand how lessons may be slightly different for a while. 

Team Swimtime

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