Swimming Lessons for children aged 4+ Ethan Electric Eel

Ethan Electric Eel – Learning Outcomes

Learning to Swim for beginners – aged 4+

Swimming with Ethan Electric Eel

Ethan guides swimmers (4yrs+) through a 3 stage programme. This programme marks the beginning of swimmers experience being in the water for the first time on their own (without 1:1 adult supervision)!

Swimming lessons will be conducted in small groups by the swimming instructor enabling optimum swimming and rest periods for our beginner swimmers.

Did you know? – Eel’s discharge electricity from their body like a taser! Their favourite foods are shrimps, crabs and meat.


Ethan Electric Eel has 3 stages of learning for ages 4+

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Learning Outcomes

All Learners will gain knowledge and understanding on how to perform the skills related to the following Learning Outcomes: