UN Announces first Resolution on Drowning Prevention in 75 Years

On 21st April 2021, the UN announced a historic Resolution in the fight against Drowning. Over 2.5 million lives in the last decade have been lost, many of which are avoidable.

The logo of the United Nations
The United Nations Logo

The Resolution was presented by Bangladesh and Ireland and supported by 79 countries. It acknowledges the importance of a coordinated global strategy on this highly preventable loss of life.

The UN also announced that the 25th July will be World Drowning Prevention Day. This is being supported by organisations around the world including the RNLI and Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have recently published a number of recommendations for how nations can prevent drowning.

These including preventing access to dangerous bodies of water through the use of barrier, flood management as well as having a National Water Safety Strategy.

The WHO acknowledges, one of the most effective methods of preventing Drowning is by teaching children to swim as well as key water safety skills.

A child in a swimming lesson with arm  bands
Swimming lessons is a key strategy in reducing drowning

This is because once an individual is equipped with basic water safety skills, that knowledge is retained for life and can greatly improve the chances of survival.

At Swimtime our Learn To Swim programme is rooted in seeing swimming as a fun and safe pastime. Crucially our programme includes water safety aspects including survival skills and rescue technique’s.

Our mission is to teach swimming in the most memorable way possible to ensure the skills are retain for life.

Everyone here at Swimtime is delighted with the news of this important step in global action and we look forward to working with our partners throughout the globe to save lives.