Our Award Scheme

Swimtime ‘Learn to Swim’ Award Scheme

This Learn to Swim Programme is based around an Aquatic Journey that allows all our swimmers to identify with our Aquatic Friends as to which level they are at.

Delivered through a high quality of teaching of swimming and Education around the Aquatic Environment, giving a broad, balanced and inclusive swimming lesson experience.

Assist the Swimtime swimming teachers understanding of how they can use high-quality swimming lesson provision as a tool for improvement. Also, to interpret the Swimtime Learn to Swim pathway in a more innovative way so it meets the needs of the swimmers better and enhances achievements.

Developing continuity and supports a Swimtime Approach to improve and raise standards. As the swimmers’ progress through our Aquatic Adventure they will achieve Awards in line with the programme structure and criteria, which will be assessed and monitored throughout, this allows a smooth transition through each stage within each level.

Not sure which level you are? Please see this helpful guide.