Swimtime teacher saves a life.

The recent hot weather has encouraged more and more of us to get outside, and Rik, one of our Swimtime Swim Teachers did exactly that.  With his canoe, Rik set off to a section of the River Mersey which he knows well. Rik tells the story:

“On arrival the water looked great, calm, and ideal for canoeing. After an hour or two I was feeling chilled and relaxed and headed toward the point where I had planned to beach my canoe.” 

As he approached the rapids ahead of him, Rik noticed two mature lads about 2 to 3 metres from the riverbank, swimming into the current. 

As Rik approached, he heard one of the lads calling for help and saw the head of the other lad keep disappearing under the water with his arms splashing, frantically trying to reach the surface. 

“I attempted a rescue using the paddle, but the lad was panicking and could not latch on.  Without really thinking about it, I was in the water swimming over and once close enough, I performed a rescue whilst fighting against the current.” 

Once Rik felt the sandy river floor beneath his feet, he was able to help the lad onto the riverbank where his family were waiting.  The lad was coughing and spluttering but recovered quickly.  Rik, aware of the dangers of secondary drowning, spoke with the family and suggested an ambulance be called if his symptoms changed.

All of this happened quickly, within 2 to 3 metres from the riverbank, in what started off as waist deep water and quickly became deep water, as the invisible current took hold of the lad.

A medical training course with male candidates performing CPR on manikins whilst a female instructor assesses them.
All our Swimtime teachers are trained to perform rescues and administer First Aid.

Rik was able to handle this situation because he is a trained, qualified, and experienced Swimtime Swim Teacher.  “Its why we do what do” said Rik.

Swimtime’s purpose is to teach the world to swim in the most compelling and memorable way possible that ensures the knowledge is retained for life.

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